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Enterosgel ExtraCaps

Enterosgel ExtraCaps №7

Enterosgel ExtraCaps №14

Enterosgel exerts a detoxification action when administered per os. The preparation effectively absorbs toxic substances of medium molecular weight and products of incomplete metabolism, and promotes removal of incorporated radionuclides from intestinal content and blood (through membranes of capillaries of intestinal mucosa villi).

The preparation eliminates manifestation of toxemia, improves the function of intestines, liver, kidneys, normalized indices of blood and urine. As an effective drug of detoxification, Enterosgel favours to elevation of immunity. This medicine covers gastric and enteric mucosa, prevents and protects it from erosive processes. Enterosgel is not soaked from intestines.

Enterosgel is used for detoxication of organism during chronic renal insufficiency:

  • pyelonephritis,
  • kidney polycystosis,
  • nephrolithiasis,
  • toxic hepatitis, virus hepatitis A and B, hepatocholestasis, cirrhosis of liver and cholestasis of different etiology, gastritis with a lowered acidity and enterocolitis, colitis, diarrhoea; alcohol and drug intoxications; allergic reactions; skin diseases (diatheses, dermatitis, etc); burn intoxication, purulent-septic processes, toxemia of pregnancy (first half of gestation), combined therapy of enteric dysbiosis.