Pharmaceutical oversight


Mission of the company: striving to offer universal, highly effective and safe medicines of sorption and detoxification action necessary for all categories of consumers, forecasting trends in the development of medicine and pharmacy and proactively offering innovative sorption and combined drugs for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, maintaining the optimal functional state of vital organs and systems of the body, improving the quality and increasing the life expectancy of people.

The environmental protection company KREOMA-PHARM pays much attention to the quality system in production.

With its scientific and production potential, the company sets itself the task of meeting the European level in everything. That is why the effectiveness and quality of drugs that meet international standards allow increasing patient loyalty to the company's products and constantly improving in the development of new technologies, contributing to the development of the industry and maintaining the health of the nation.

The long-term activity of the enterprise for the production and introduction of modern effective and safe sorption drugs simultaneously contributes to the wider application of detoxification therapy in all areas of medicine. Such a change in the priorities of medical practice is a very important factor in the further development of medicine, since it is the detoxification of the body that significantly improves the results of treatment of diseases and, in general, the health status and quality of life of millions of people.


in the field of quality of medicines, medical devices, functional food products; and safety of functional food products

The main goal of PrJSC "EOF "CREOMA-PHARM" in the field of quality of medicines, medical devices, functional foods and safety of functional foods is to create competitive quality products that are safe for consumers, meet the requirements and expectations of consumers and ensure further development of the company, taking into account consumer requests.

The goal is achieved through the implementation of the following tasks:

1. Adherence to the principle of management leadership.

2. Use of a process approach in managing the enterprise's activities. Management of a system of interrelated processes aimed at efficient and effective achievement of the goal.

3. Continuous improvement of the performance of the integrated enterprise management system.

4. Continuous training and professional development of each employee; use of abilities to the maximum benefit for the benefit of the enterprise. Motivation of personnel to unleash their creativity and involvement of personnel in the process of maintaining the efficiency of production processes and continuous improvement of management processes.

5. Ensuring conditions in which the Policy is available and understandable to the staff and serves as a basis for their practical activities.

6. Analyzing existing and forecasting future needs of customers with constant satisfaction of their requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.

7. Effective decisions based on logical analysis of data and constantly received information.

8. Strengthening long-term partnerships with suppliers of raw materials and finished goods and distributors of finished products aimed at successful mutually beneficial business.

9. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the development, production, control and supply of products.

10. Focus on advanced technologies, development of new technological processes, development of production facilities to fully meet customer requirements.

11. Strict adherence to and implementation of this policy at all levels and provision of all necessary resources for the effective functioning of the integrated enterprise management system.

12. This Policy is the basis for setting and reviewing goals in the field of quality of medicinal products, medical devices, functional foods; and safety of functional foods.

The top management of the company assumes responsibility for the constant updating and further implementation of the Policy and requires active participation of personnel at all levels in its implementation.

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