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Ukrainian Association of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry REPORTon clinical laboratory researchof DENTALEN toothpaste efficiency Research aim:To study influence of De... Detail >>>
DENTALEN HDH (for men)

Dentalen HDH – is a male toothpaste

Dentalen НDН toothpaste has high hygienic (cleaning) action, resulting in qualitative removal of dental plaque (in combination with qualitative toothbrush). Upon application of toothpaste patients' oral hygiene condition was improved approximately 3 times and remained stable within 2 months.
Dentalen НDН toothpaste high parodontium protection effect was established, which correlated with indices of oral hygiene condition.
Dentalen НDН toothpaste has antibacterial effect on combined microflora of supragingival and subgingival dental plaque, extracted during examination. Dentalen НDН toothpaste as effective medicated product for personal oral hygiene and in a combination therapy of parodontium and oral mucous membrane pathologies