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Dentalen toothpaste

Toothpaste Dentalen, is the first toothpaste containing porous silicone sorbentpolymethylsiloxane polyhydrate, known under the trade name Enterosgel.

Enterosgel, due to its small-sized particles not only cleans softly, but also sorbs dental plaque at its surface. Also it covers tooth enamel with a thin film, staying there for a long time, granting inevitably protection to enamel against influence of dietary acids. 

In virtue of its properties Dentalen ТМ protects teeth enamel well:

- after 2 weeks of regular usage of Dentalen ТМ toothpaste indices of oral hygiene improve three-fold.

- Dentalen ТМ toothpaste demonstrates a signified protection effect on paradontium – by 22% better than other toothpastes investigated

- it reduces considerably an inflammatory process in gums, and, accordingly, gingival hemorrhage.

- displays an effect of microstopping.

- levels achieved related to indices of oral hygiene are kept at a good level even within 2 months upon termination of this toothpaste usage.