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LactoBioEnterosgel contains active silicon sorbent - methyl monosilane acid hydrogel. Due to its porous surface methyl monosilane acid hydrogel has a large specific area of surface and high absorptive capacity.

Due to this sorption (i.e. surface binding) of different toxic substances and microbe toxins, as well as their removal from organism by a natural way, take place.

There are clinical researches data demonstrated the efficiency of methyl monosilane acid hydrogel in intestinal dysbiosis correction, under conditions, accompanied by intoxication and impaired motor function of the digestive tract (diarrhea syndrome), caused by infectious agents, liver diseases.

LactoBioEnterosgelcontains lactulose, which is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are substances, being a nutritious media for beneficial, peculiar to human organism microorganisms. In case of their quantitative and qualitative content disorder - disbacteriosis - there is a tendency to a development of different diseases, for example, allergization of organism, dermatological diseases, digestive tract disorders etc.

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