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The company's mission: tendency to offer the necessary of all consumer categories versatile, high-performance and safe drugs with sorption detoxication effect, to forecast trends in the development of medicine and pharmacy and to outstrip supply innovative sorption and combination products for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, to maintain optimal functional condition of the vital organs and systems of the body, to improve quality and increase life expectancy.

"Ecologoprotective firm " KREOMA-PHARM" gives more attention to the quality system of production, placing it at the forefront.

With scientific and industrial potential, the company aims conform to the European level at all. Exactly because, the efficacy and quality of drugs, corresponding to the world standards can increase the loyalty of patients for the company's products and constantly improve the development of new technologies, contributing to the development of the industry and to preserve the health of the nation.

Long-term activity of the enterprise for the production and implementation of modern, efficient and safe sorption drugs simultaneously promotes the wider use detoxification therapy in all areas of medicine. Such change of priorities in medical practice is a very important factor in the further development of medicine, because just the detoxification of a body significantly improves the results of treatment diseases and, in general the level of health and quality of life millions people.